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16' Mobile Spray Rigs

All of our 16' Mobile Spray Rigs come standard with a long list of first-rate essentials. 
To help you customize your spray rig, several additional equipment options are also available.

Solid Construction provides a no-worry support structure for housing valuable spray materials and equipment. 

» Double I-beam construction with support studs on 16-inch centers

» Double axle rated for 7,000-lb. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

» Engineered to accommodate 2 sets of material, one generator, one compressor, one proportioner and tools

» Ample headroom with 7.5’ interior height

» Easy to pull using smaller trucks


Standard 16' Spray Rig Features

» Choice of Graco®/PMC Electric or Air Proportioner
» Choice of Graco®/PMC Spray Gun
» 5HP 60 Gallon Vertical Tank Air Compressor w/Constant Run
» Heated Hose and Hose Rack
» Insulated Trailer
» 3,500 lb.Axles (7,000 GVWR)
» 3/8" Plywood Walls / 3/4" Plywood Flooring
 Safety Chains & Electric Breakaway Brake System

» Fresh Air Supply
» Hose Hatch (Doggle Door)
» Tool Boxes and a Spare Parts Kit
» Electrical System with Breaker Panel
» Color-Coded Drum Restraints
» First Aid Kit & Eyewash Station
» ABC-Approved Fire Extinguishers
» Blow Gun w/additional Ports
 Vinyl Ceilings

Optional 16' Spray Rig Features

» 5,200 lbs. Axles (10,400 GVWR)
» 18/22kW Gas Generator
» 21 kW Diesel Generator
» Drum Mixer
 Refrigerated Air Dryer

» Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit
» Machine Recirculation System
» Ramp Door with Spring Assist
» Color Options (Black, Red, Green, etc.)
» Rubber Diamond Plated Floors
 1500 watt Ceiling-Mounted Heaters




Conserve your working capital

Simple application/approval process

Finance installation and training costs in one lease

Potential tax savings under IRS Section 179

Trade up to new equipment

Competitive finance rates

More Spray Rig Options

Would you like to learn more?

If you would like to find out more or have any questions, get in touch with us today. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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